A Huge Update

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So much has happened! But due to the chaos of transitioning into 192 square feet, I haven't been able to update you all on what is going on soooo...

We live in a tiny house!!

Here's a breakdown of what we have been doing, I'll follow up with more detailed posts shortly but I wanted everyone to know where we are and how we got here:

We had a brief period of technical homelessness as we moved out of our home in Aurora, CO. We moved to Wisconsin for a visit for a couple weeks. Here's Fermi visiting her BFFs Abby and puppy Jasmine:

Lived in an Air B&B in Conifer, CO to see how we'd like living in the low mountains. Here's Fermi trying out the sun on our porch at 9,000 feet:

Lived in a hotel near Castle Rock, CO for a few days while we secured a truck to haul the house and checked into land to buy in Larkspur (this particular piece of land fell through):

And then moved into a hotel near Salt Lake City as a base for our trip to Idaho to pick up the house:

It was an exciting few weeks and was a great crash course in living simple! When we finally got into the tiny house, it was a step up :)

Got the house
On June 22nd, we made the trip to Idaho to pick up our tiny house from Tiny Idahomes! (Isn't that name adorable?) We met the couple who we had been working with for months and they were wonderful. The builder, Jesse, was amazing. He showed us his works in progress, showed us everything in the house, even gave us tips on towing and the best setting to use in our truck since we were new to that too. He drove us around with the trailer to get us comfortable and his passion for trailers and building them made us feel very confident in our house "foundation". Anca, the office manager and our main point person there, was lovely and so helpful with the paperwork and making sure we were comfortable. Here we are picking it up:

More photos
Our builder posted tons of photos of the ins and outs of our house on their site:

I'll post pics of our finished interior when its more put together and personalized :) Here it is back in Salt Lake City ready to head back to Colorado:

Once we got the house there was the tricky question of where to put it? We found a beautiful RV Park in Loveland, CO where we could stay right on the river as we found a more permanent place to stay and figure out the ins and outs of how our house worked! Unfortunately the advertised wi-fi was not quite up to par and there was zero cell coverage. So we were off the grid, driving into town every day to work from coffee shops and the library.

An Address
We eventually found a woman who was building a tiny house parking area on her lot with electrical hookups and everything! Located in Fort Collins, the city will allow us to stay up to six months. Bonus: she turned out to be a realtor who is helping us find permanent land. So we're living a short walk from the Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins now with a month-to-month lease. The next hopeful step is our own land in Colorado (followed by some lake land in Wisconsin!) but there may be one more rental location between there. Here's some photos!

This is the basic spot (chickens on the right!):

Several deer and their babies walk through our yard daily:

Fermi keeps close watch on them:

The stars out here are amazing and we finally have internet figured out so no more working in the car:

And we're right on the reservoir and by the Poudre River so that means kayaking and whitewater rafting! Oh, and early morning fetch for Fermi before work:

And Fermi currently loves her perch in the loft:

I'll post more updates soon and expand a bit on our living situation but for now, you can find us in Fort Collins!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us along the way. We couldn't have done this without you!


We encourage any and all questions so post below or contact us directly!


Polished for Idaho Home Show

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Our builders showed off our house last weekend at a home show so they cleaned it up real nice:


Exterior Stained and Interior Details

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Outside is stained

 Stairs are in and french doors too!

 Bathroom wall is going up, kitchen is moving along and fireplace installed with our countertops.


Interior Walls Painted

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The interior walls are painted. The white really opens up the space :)


Interior Walls

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The interior walls are taking shape. The interior will be painted white to open the space up. Here we're looking toward the bathroom up to the main loft.

Here's the opposite loft.


Flooring is in

7:00 PM Jackie Be 20 Comments

The flooring is in and looks great!


Siding Complete

4:10 PM Jackie Be 2 Comments

The siding is up all around the house!


Siding Going Up

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Cedar siding is going up! Cedar is light and sturdy - great for tiny homes. We'll be staining this darker later :)


House Wrap

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The house wrap is on, ready for siding! The house wrap will provide much needed protection against outside moisture from entering the house - a huge problem in a tiny house and one to be avoided with proper construction and living habits.


Interior Framed and Insulated, Electrical Run

2:09 PM Jackie Be 2 Comments

Lots of progress was made last week! Below you can see some photos of the interior and a lot has been completed.

This first image shows the end that will have the bathroom along the far wall, the stairs on the left hand wall with washing machine/worktable/and dog door under the stairs area and the kitchen on the right.

This next image gives you an idea of the main loft, skylights and additional light.

This final image is the office end and living room with storage and chill loft above. The double doors can be seen here too.

I'm visualizing living in the space now... we can't wait!


Tiny House Framing

6:38 PM Jackie Be 13 Comments

Our tiny house has basic framing up now! You can start to see some of the details of the house. We're looking at the back from this angle. The far right will be the bathroom and then the kitchen immediately to the left of that. The small window you can see will be above the sink.

The middle will remain open with two glass entrance doors providing ample natural light which you can see on the far side of this photo. Additionally, the four long windows at the top of the tall side of the shed style roof will draw in light to the top of the trailer.

The kitchen will be above one of the wheel wells but on the opposite well will be the stairs and under the stairs, a fold down work table with a window above it and a doggie door under it. Fermi's door (and the main double doors) will open to a large, fold down deck. 

Both sides will have lofts, the main sleeping loft will be on the far right and the chill/storage loft will be on the left. If you plan to stay with us in our tiny house, the chill loft will be your room or we have a really large, comfy cot we can set up in the great room.

Under the chill loft we will have two extremely modest "offices" for working from home. 

And on a separate note, it doesn't look too scary to tow...


Insulation in the floor

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Insulation is installed in the foundation and framing begins tomorrow! (we're going to live on that!)


Foundation is complete!

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Our contractor sent over the photos of our finished trailer - our house foundation! Its 24' long with 2 axles and ready for insulation and framing next week :)


Why didn't we DIY our Tiny House like Planned?

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I really wanted to build our tiny house ourselves- that was half the attraction. Unfortunately there were several reasons that we chose to use a contractor to build our tiny home on wheels.

RVIA Certification

Unfortunately the biggest barrier to tiny living is bureaucracy. First, tiny homes do not meet building codes and can not be considered permanent dwellings. Due to this, it is difficult if not impossible to insure a tiny home and incredibly difficult to park it anywhere. Insurance companies, zoning commissions and HOAs don't recognize tiny homes but will recognize it as a recreational vehicle if it is RVIA certified. So we determined that until the laws catch up, our lives would really be a pain without the certification. But there's a catch to getting it.

RVIA certifications apply to manufacturers and only RVs manufactured by RVIA certified manufacturers are certified themselves. In order for our tiny house to be certified, it had to be built by an RV certified manufacturer.

We did a lot of searching and found a builder that was great to work with so far and will certify our final home. We can rest assured that the house is built sound, will hold up on the freeway and is safe. When there is less red tape around the movement, we'll build our second tiny house :)


Building has started!

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So we have been terrible at updating this blog. OK we haven't done it at all but I will catch you up to our decision process up until now but in the meantime, I wanted to announce that our tiny house build started this week at our contractor Idahomes (don't you love that name?!). More to come but it looks like we'll be living tiny in a few short months!!