Tiny House Framing

6:38 PM Jackie Be 6 Comments

Our tiny house has basic framing up now! You can start to see some of the details of the house. We're looking at the back from this angle. The far right will be the bathroom and then the kitchen immediately to the left of that. The small window you can see will be above the sink.

The middle will remain open with two glass entrance doors providing ample natural light which you can see on the far side of this photo. Additionally, the four long windows at the top of the tall side of the shed style roof will draw in light to the top of the trailer.

The kitchen will be above one of the wheel wells but on the opposite well will be the stairs and under the stairs, a fold down work table with a window above it and a doggie door under it. Fermi's door (and the main double doors) will open to a large, fold down deck. 

Both sides will have lofts, the main sleeping loft will be on the far right and the chill/storage loft will be on the left. If you plan to stay with us in our tiny house, the chill loft will be your room or we have a really large, comfy cot we can set up in the great room.

Under the chill loft we will have two extremely modest "offices" for working from home. 

And on a separate note, it doesn't look too scary to tow...


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